My Encounter With Hollister the Brand

I used to work outside of Hollister, California. The town’s name is famous worldwide due to its appropriation by apparel company Abercrombie & Fitch as a surf brand. When I was just beginning to develop my own youth brand Post-Mod ® five years ago, I happened to discover online accounts of A&F threatening trademark infringement […]

Fashion Trend 2015: Exposed Zippers to Nowhere

We were in Forever 21 the other day and noticed the slip on the right below with an exposed zipper that is functionless.  It is pure decoration.   Exposed zipper fashion trend has not entered what we call a post-mod phase of applications like pockets and zippers to garments are pure sign — without function. […]

Fashion Trend: Activewear With Side Pockets

The casual fashion world has finally caught up to our lead of sewn pockets on tops.  See this latest from Nike: Of course, for us pockets are both useful and significant (i.e. serve as a sign) Below is one of our Postmod ® racerbacks with mod pockets contrasted with a shirt we just saw at […]