Why is the Veil Look Trending in 2015?

Vogue  had an nice piece recently noting a veil trend in the Spring 2015 couture collections of Chanel and Giambattista Valli.  They noted several reasons historically for wearing “one of the oldest female accoutrements”,

religious,  formal (mourning), functional (motoring, bee-keeping), fanciful (fashion), and seductive

Their explanation for the why veils are trending in 2015 is a  sense of mystery.

While this might be true for Paris couture, we think there is a “street style” veil look which we call the “DeFaceLook” that stems from a desire for privacy in a world where your photograph can be taken and posted on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, etc. without your permission.

Here is the look from the Spring 2015 Paris couture collection,  Note the lack of any protection.

Veil Look – Chanel, Spring 2015
Model: Kendall Jenner


Veil Look – Giambattista Valli – Spring 2015
Model Vanessa Moody

Here are some looks that are more attuned to our DeFaceBook look — veil as privacy.


Veil Look : Audrey Hepburn 1966
From How to Steal a Million Movie


Veil Look – Rihanna 2009

Veil Look: Jordan Baker from Gatsby Movie

We are still working on our approach…the footprint is the snowboard goggle.

Veil Look – Snowboard goggles

The fabric is a double thick Point d’Espirit Tulle

Point d’Espirit Tulle Veiling