I used to work outside of Hollister, California. The town’s name is famous worldwide due to its appropriation by apparel company Abercrombie & Fitch as a surf brand.

When I was just beginning to develop my own youth brand Post-Mod ® five years ago, I happened to discover online accounts of A&F threatening trademark infringement against a local company for silkscreening “Hollister” on a tee shirt.

I thought that it would be cool to do a photoshoot of a male model wearing our Post-Mod ® shirts with a surfboard in front of California Highway Department signs with the name “Hollister” and see if posted pix would elicit threatening letters from Abercrombie and Fitch.

Post-Mod® by Beaks of Eagles
Hollister Co surf board

I never followed through.  Today I was reminded of that unrealized photoshoot by an article in the New Yorker by Dave Eggers called The Actual Hollister, where he recalled the Abercrombie and Fitch connection.

So, I decided to search through my photo archives and post a few photos I had taken five years ago of the highway signs with the Hollister name.  I also post below a list of taglines I had come up with to accompany the pictures.

Hollister highway sign: trademark infringement A&F?

Surf in Hollister?  not-so-much
Surf in Hollister – branding as earthquake prediction

Holllister highway sign: Trademark infringement A&F?

Dude, surf’s up in Hollister…NOT.
Put down your f—ing board and wack the weeds.
Hollister Surf Alert:  7 foot weeds south of town

Hollister highway sign: trademark infringement A&F?

Dude, you get an “F” in California geography:
Garlic = Gilroy; Hay = Hollister; Surf = Santa Cruz 1 hour away.

“NoCal” Hollister Tag Lines

NoCal – the home of pseudo surf apparel companies
The real Hollister was founded by a sheepherder.
Hollister Co. – NoCal surf apparel

Hollister Trademark Controversy

Signs around town: H*ll*st*r
What happens when a city fears being sued for trademark infringement.

Sign on a team uniform: H*ll*st*r
What happens when a city fears being sued for trademark infringement
Notice to Legal Dept: This is a State of California sign. Try and sue them for trademark infringement.
Fight the Power, California.  Your lifestyle cannot be trademarked.