The September issue of W Magazine has a short blurb on recent interest of buttons in fashion as evidenced by their prominence in a number of recent collections and an early 2015 exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris on the history of the use of buttons in fashion from pure function to pure decoration.  A NYT blog post has a great listing of the use of buttons by various designers,

…. In the 1950s, buttons emphasized the cut of the female silhouette, as exemplified by a Christian Dior red wool dress with a fetching double column of black buttons down the back. Courrèges used buttons graphically; Yves Saint Laurent used them as embellishment; and Mademoiselle Chanel had a firmly pragmatic design strategy: “No buttons without buttonholes.”                                                                                 

As those who have follow our blog posts, our fashion muse is the postmodern architect Robert Venturi.  His “decorated shed” aesthetic used decorations as efficient signs.

We have several pieces that references the great 60s designer Courreges who often used double rows of large buttons, sometimes functional, sometime not.

We use  2″ buttons, no less, as signs of Courreges.

Post-Mod – reference to Courreges


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