Fashion Trend: Activewear With Side Pockets

The casual fashion world has finally caught up to our lead of sewn pockets on tops.  See this latest from Nike:

Of course, for us pockets are both useful and significant (i.e. serve as a sign)

Below is one of our Postmod ® racerbacks with mod pockets contrasted with

a shirt we just saw at Forever 21.

Racerback with Pockets

Racerback with Pockets

Here is a pix of one of our Sew Creepy ® racerbacks with a skull and rose pocket

contrasted with a hoodie we just saw at A&F.

Tops with sewn pockets


Comme des Garcons: Pockets as Signs

Racerback with pockets for yoga, workouts, streatching…so handy to keep your keys, iphone nearby