Mod vs Modpunk®

Below are three collage that highlight the difference between couture designers and Beaks of Eagles when it comes to such trim as grommets, pockets, and large 2″inch buttons. For couture, trim is decoration. For us, there are “signs” — signs of punk, signs of goth, signs of mod.  

Fashion Trend: Grommets and Eyelets

Some of favorite edgy designers — Proenza Schouler and Thierry Mugler — feature dresses with industrial grommets or more fashionably, eyelets. This 2015 fashion trend fits into our Modpunk ® aesthetic — “the signs of punk, the geometry of mod” Modpunk® by Beaks of Eagles – Eyelet Dress Modpunk ® – the geometry of mod, […]

Fashion Trend: Large Buttons

The September issue of W Magazine has a short blurb on recent interest of buttons in fashion as evidenced by their prominence in a number of recent collections and an early 2015 exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris on the history of the use of buttons in fashion from pure function to pure decoration.  A NYT […]