There are two inspirations for our Post-Mod ® line.  The look itself refers to Courreges, a famous 60s fashion designer.  The aesthetic comes from Robert Venturi — a architect famous for the postmodern aesthetic of “decorated shed”.   For us the  shed is the black racerback top and the decoration (signs) are mod fabric pockets, 2 inch buttons, stripes, and exposed zippers.

Post-Mod – reference to Courreges

Post-Mod Racerback Reference to Courreges

Post-Mod® Racerback – Reference to Marc Jacobs Pockets

Post-Mod® Racerback – Reference to JW Anderson grommets

Post-Mod® – Reference to Jackie

Post-Mod® — Zippers as signs — reference to Vivianne Westwood punk 

Made in the USA Label

100% cotton