Bosozoku Girl™ Comes to America

What comes around goes around:

Mod goes from London in the 60s, resurfaces as Skin Girls /Rude Boys in the UK 70s, forks to Japan as Harajuku and Bosozoku, and now back to America as our Modpunk and Bosozoku Girl.   Fashion is just not copied as it crosses boarders. There is an originality to copy, a postmodern “copy without an original” that at first glance is banal, but on closer examination is thrilling.

We at <beaks of eagles> are proud to be part of this “copy without an original” movement with our Bosozoku Girl ™, Post-Mod®, and Modpunk® line of clothes.



Hairstyle: Mod to Skingirls

60s Mod >>> Skin Girl

Signs of Punk: Bondage by Vivian Wesgtwood

70s UK Punk >>>>>>>>>

Japanese Punk Style

Harajuku Punk